Industrial Power Distribution & Monitoring

In an industrial or manufacturing environment, a reliable and convenient method for delivering a connection to power, and being aware how much power is being drawn, is crucial. Whether it be for an automobile assembly line, a workcell manufacturing environment or a typical machine shop, Starline products will assist in maximizing efficiency.

Starline Track Busway


The Starline Track Busway product has been deployed successfully in harsh, high-risk environments for decades. The high quality materials and superior design ensures a seamless connection with no risk of power interruptions or costly downtime. This is one of the main reasons that Starline is the power distribution system of choice for industrial and manufacturing organizations.


Starline Track Busway’s most unique feature is its continuous access slot- making a connection to power possible wherever it’s needed. This flexibility is ideal for environments such as assembly lines and work cells because it means connecting to power will not be an issue if different equipment or a work layout change is required.


In many facilities, the ever changing requirements for equipment power demands a power distribution system capable of providing high density plug-in availability while being able to adapt to changing equipment configurations. Starline Track Busway provides system amperages up to 800 amps and plug-in receptacle units to meet any NEMA® configuration. The completely sustainable system can be reconfigured quickly and easily to meet ever changing power needs.

Starline Plug-In Raceway


Deploying the same ‘plug n play’ principle as Track Busway but for the wall, Plug-In Raceway also excels at providing power to industrial environments. Because it is scalable and relocatable, the raceway makes a perfect addition to lean manufacturing environments. Raceway gives you the power to meet future changing facility needs by being able to easily expand, reconfigure or relocate the system. Simply snap the pre-assembled modules into place along the backplane of the raceway wherever a connection to power is required.


Plug-In Raceway has been tested to meet NEC and UL standards and has the ETL mark. Raceway plug-in modules include a cover, plug head and latching arms that snap into place along the backplane- ensuring a solid, reliable connection to power when and where you need it.

Starline Critical Power Monitor (CPM)


Starline CPM provides information when and where you need it. Locally, you can view data on the optional display. Remotely, many parameters may be read via the integrated webpage. Most Building Management Systems are supported, allowing information to be tracked through a familiar interface.LOAD BALANCE


Starline CPM helps you to identify and characterize load imbalance before it impacts equipment performance or causes a downtime event. By continuously monitoring each phase, it is possible to capture changes due to new equipment or varying load conditions. Knowing about the imbalance is one step, but quickly addressing a potential problem requires isolating the cause. This is why Starline CPM can be configured to capture data with granularity levels ranging from an entire feed to each receptacle.


Starline CPM easily scales to support inevitable changes or expansions. Both serial and Ethernet communications may be daisy-chained to simplify wiring. Eliminating wired communication altogether is possible with the optional Wi-Fi (802.11n) version.

Constant changes to a production floor puts a lot of pressure on keeping up with production and keeping cost to a minimum; by installing Starline products not only can you minimize those pressures on your bottom line, you can adapt quickly to meet your customers production needs, earning their confidence and their business. Starline has helped a vast variety of industrial and manufacturing facilities redefine how they power their facilities.