Data Centre Infrastructure Management

A DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) solution supplies a graphical overview of all assets and their operating states in the data centre and lets you plan capacity in terms of available space, power supply and cooling requirements of the active hardware in racks. Sophisticated monitoring, management and reporting functions are also available to you for all components such as UPSs, PDUs, CRAC systems, chillers, etc. In short, DCIM serves as your central cockpit, giving you complete control and an overview of your entire data centre at any time.

RaMP’s ability to auto-discover detailed data at the device level greatly reduces setup time, cost and data inaccuracy. We’ll capture the basic information, such as manufacturer, model, serial numbers, IP addresses and so on. We’ll also capture the installed software, operating system and service packs and all of the virtual machines running on the box. If it’s a blade server, we’ll even tell you the slot in which the blade is installed.

RaMP can recognize changes such as hardware configuration (memory added, for example), software (installed or removed), virtual machine movement, network cables moved to another location, and so on. RaMP manages change for both physical and virtual devices.

RaMP can also monitor the IT and Facility infrastructures. RaMP monitors from the device level up, so it can monitor server CPU, disk drive usage and server sensors such as power, temperature and fan speed. It can monitor power at the device, rack PDU, PDU, UPS, transfer switch and generator levels and send alerts on abnormal conditions. It can monitor cooling devices such as chillers, CRAC, CRAH and in-row cooling. It can monitor environmental sensors, both wired and wireless. RaMP supports IPMI, iLO, iDRAC, SSH, SNMP (v1, v2, and v3), Modbus, BACnet, WMI, WBEM, and vCenter – without having to purchase additional modules or link with other products.