Higher Education

Higher Education Power Distribution

Higher education facilities can have a wide variety of power distribution needs. From a data center environment, to research and science labs, to cafeterias and auditoriums, Starline products are the ideal power distribution solution.

Starline Track Busway


The continuous access slot feature in Starline Track Busway means that access to power can be provided wherever it’s needed. This flexibility is paramount to meet the constant changes that are probable with different higher education environments. Track Busway can be installed to match any electrical configuration needed for a laboratory environment, or installed one section at a time, as more power is required for a data center.


The compression busbar connection design is a prime reason why Starline Track Busway has superior reliability. Starline Plug-In Units have a unique, turn-n-lock ‘compression-fit’ connection method when inserted into the busway. This superiorly designed connection ensures continuous uptime with no power interruptions.


Starline Track Busway helps keep your facilities running at full efficiency, while also saving you money upfront vs. conduit and wire. Due to the durable and convenient open access slot design, the need for costly electricians and routine maintenance checks is completely eliminated.

Starline Plug-In Raceway


Plug-in Raceway is a power distribution system that is both scalable and relocatable- giving you the power to meet future changing facility needs by being able to easily expand, reconfigure or relocate the system. Simply snap the pre-assembled modules into place along the backplane of the raceway wherever a connection to power is required. This means if you would like to move or change the layout of a facility you may easily do so without having to worry about the location of electrical outlets.


Plug-In Raceway has been tested to meet NEC and UL standards and has the ETL mark. Raceway plug-in modules include a cover, plug head and latching arms that snap into place along the backplane- ensuring a solid, reliable connection to power when and where you need it.


With Starline Plug-In Raceway, installation is quick and easy. Taking one third less time to install than other systems, the associated labor costs are much lower. In addition to lower initial labor costs, because the raceway is so flexible and reliable there is no need to call in an electrician- lowering the cost of future maintenance as well.


The raceway is built with a smooth aluminum finish and its compact design requires minimal space. Starline Plug-In Raceway is available in black, white, metallic silver finish and also custom colors.

Starline power distribution systems have found their way into facilities all over campus – from cafeterias and Vo-Tech classrooms to stadiums, auditoriums and theaters. Whether you need to add new equipment or just want to relocate what you have, Starline flexible, adaptable and sustainable power solutions are ready to take on the job.