Field Services

Field Services

Field Services

With over 25 years of experience in the busway market, Valcom has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your Track Busway system is functioning at a best-in-class level. Our trained and authorized factory representatives will provide unmatched on-site services whenever you need them. Our complete line of services include:

  • On-site Training
  • Installation Inspection, Commissioning and Certification
  • Load Bank Testing
  • IR Scanning and other Ongoing Support
  • Extended Warranty Programs (Meter Programming, Commissioning and Support)
  • 24/7 Emergency Service and Phone Support

On-Site Support andSystem Startup

Training – Whether you are at the beginning of a project and in need of training or have your Busway ready to be energized, Valcom services team is ready to assist you. Plan to have a Valcom service technician on-site prior to installation to train the contractor on installation best practices as well as proper operation and safety techniques while using the product. The service technician will conduct an in-depth training program which is sure to save you time and money throughout the installation process.

Commissioning and Certification – Once Track Busway is installed, let us be the commissioning agent on the job. A Valcom service technician will perform a comprehensive visual inspection of all joint connections, lug connections, plug-in units and supports. Any and all issues will be immediately addressed with the installation company. Once the results are satisfactory, a certification report will be generated and distributed, increasing the standard factory warranty from one to two years.

Load Bank Testing – Valcom Services also offers load bank testing for the entire power chain at the industry’s most competitive rates. Let our professionals handle the complete test procedure. Once testing is successfully completed, a results and certification report will be submitted, extending the factory warranty on the tested system from one to two years.

Ongoing Support

Get the most out of your Valcom Track Busway system and sign up for our ongoing support program. Experience only planned downtime and enjoy peace of mind with a customizable plan to fit your company’s operational needs. Our ongoing support program includes the following:

  • Yearly visit by a Valcom service technician
  • IR scanning of external connections
  • Thorough visual inspection of Valcom Track Busway system
  • Update all Valcom CPM meter firmware and verify functionality of all meters where applicable
  • Full report provided on all services rendered
  • Extended warranty through the life of program
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • All parts, labor and travel covered for all Valcom warranty claims
  • Secure online user portal to view test records and reports at any time

Metering Services

A trained Valcom service technician is always available to help you with the start-up, programming, integration and calibration verification of your Valcom CPM metering devices. Our trained professionals are experts with the CPM family of products and will save you time and money in the setup process and ensure that all monitoring devices are working properly. End-users are provided a full meter report and guide to ensure ease of use once our technician has completed the job. The Valcom service technician will provide training while on-site pertaining to meter operation and care, programming and use of the CPM Mobile App. To ensure you get the full value out of your Valcom CPM products, allow a Valcom service technician to help with the start-up.Valcom Upgrade – Thinking about upgrading your unmetered components? Is it time to replace older metering products with something new and improved? Valcom offers a full-service meter retrofit program for any type of plug-in or end feed unit. You no longer have to replace an entire module just to add a meter. Save money and downtime with the Valcom CPM upgrade program.

Warranty Programs

Standard Warranty – Valcom Track Busway is proud to stand behind its American made, best-in-class busway products. Every Valcom product is backed by a one year factory warranty that covers replacement parts and freight on components that are found to have defects related to shipping, workmanship or material.

Extended Warranty –To ensure less downtime and unmatched field service, be sure to purchase one of Valcom customizable extended warranty programs. You can choose the length of your warranty and whether to add an annual or semi-annual ongoing support visit as a standard. Replacement parts are guaranteed for all parts covered under warranty and will be quickly delivered to the site. Make sure that the core of your power chain is covered for the long-term success of your operation.

All warranties are subject to the proper commissioning and certification of the Track Busway system performed by a Valcom service technician or factory representative. Systems that had previously been in operation and have surpassed the factory warranty term are subject to a visual inspection and certification before an extended warranty can be applied. Please contact the factory for further details.